OAC Shipping Company, an international freight
forwarder as well as ship and cargo
broker, handles complete logistic and shipping needs of its customers.
The main base of our customers are
construction and engineering companies,
international contractors and
manufacturers of heavy equipment.
OAC Shipping
Company coordinates all aspects related to the transportation of
large-scale industrial projects, including heavy-hauling/trucking
, barging, booking
and securing of reliable vessel space of our cargoes.
OAC Shipping Company  will handle all operational aspects including documentation
related to the transportation and shipping of project cargo.
Coordination and pricing of heavy-hauling,
rail and barge movements, booking
of proper ships space for the cargo. Additional services include the purchase of proper
transport insurance coverage with
first-class international underwriters.
For shipping transactions regulated by letter-of-credit, OAC will handle the presentation of
L/C-conform documentation to the issuing bank, as well as consularization of documents
by the respective consulates (if required).

The trend is for international shippers and exporters of heavy-lift / oversize cargoes to
handle the complete shipping operation with one single broker, consequently limiting the
involvement of multiple
logistic service providers handling partial shipping jobs.
OAC Shipping Company will be a full-service provider for all aspects evolving around
transportation of project cargo.
OAC Shipping Company is a small scale boutique-like freight forwarding company / ship
cargo broker that competes with a wide range of established freight forwarding
companies. Our core competition are the bigger corporate forwarders. Their policies,
decentralization of individual traffic and operation departments , frequent exchange of
key-executives and employees, triggered a trend by customers in using services of smaller
boutique like providers, which are tailoring their work and services very much to the
individual needs of the respective customer.

We can foresee that especially
construction and engineering companies active in USA /
Latin America / East Asia trade will benefit from our experience and market position in
these trade lanes.
OAC Shipping Company's competitive advantage clearly lies in the fact of our 50 years
experience and track-record in the specialty field of project cargo.
Years of operational day-to-day expertise is the key-element in this industry, the
knowledge and selection of the right sub-contractors in the logistical chain is key to